Santorini is an island which fills you with warmth, but which is also suffused with energy and light, memories, history and mystery. Santorini is definitely the island of contradictions, the most beautiful and special balcony of the Aegean. Triton, the son of Poseidon and of Aphrodite, is, according to mythology, the island’s creator, which, in ancient times, was known under the name “Kallisti”- Beauty - . A lordly, outstanding, peaceful nature, but at the same time a restless one, a dry land but fertile, many times harsh, present though in every aspect of its daily life. Its houses, carved inside the soft rock, some painted in white, others colored with blue or ochre, as well as with the unique earthy colors of red and black in an exquisite natural combination. The imposing, sheer and black rocks of the Caldera, which are giving us the impression that they have been suddenly dashed out from the ocean, the polychromatic Cycladic constructions, the Byzantine churches, its two little black islands – Aspronisi and Thirassia – as well as its imposing Volcano, create a sense of mystery but also give to its visitor the opportunity to dream. “ The poetry of the sunrise, the morning freshness, the dazzling midday sun, the colors of the sunset, the fog of the twilight, the romance of the moonlight, which is mirrored in the Caldera, here, everything takes a deeper meaning and a greater effect in one’s imagination”.