Adamis style

ADAMIS MAJESTY is a unique sample of aristocratic architecture, respecting, though, rigorously, the neoclassic specification of Santorini’s Old Mansions, with their domes, their arches and the picturesque windows, from which one can admire the blue sky binding with the endless blue of the ocean, whereas during the nightfall, the sea is painted “in blood” as the sun bends into its arms for inevitably loosing itself into the ocean.

Nowaydays, the owners of have successfully reconstructed the mansion, with respect to its historicity, while simultaneously maintaining the local architecture, and have created 6 suites, which give a new essence to the meaning of qualitative luxury.


Live a Stunning Wedding Ceremony and a Unique Photo Shooting experience in the heart of Fira town at Adamis Majesty Suites’ veranda, standing on the privileged edge of the Caldera Cliff, offering an exquisite and undisturbed view to the legendary Volcano of Santorini and the surrounding Cycladic Islands.




Santorini is an island which fills you with warmth, but which is also suffused with energy and light, memories, history and mystery. 

Santorini is definitely the island of contradictions, the most beautiful and special balcony of the Aegean.