Live a Stunning Wedding Ceremony and a Unique Photo Shooting experience in the heart of Fira town at Adamis Majesty Suites’ veranda, standing on the privileged edge of the Caldera Cliff, offering an exquisite and undisturbed view to the legendary Volcano of Santorini and the surrounding Cycladic Islands.

Allow us to plan your wedding ceremony or a wedding photo shooting with view of the endless Aegean blue and the romantic scenery of Caldera.

Adamis Majesty Suites’ veranda can host up to 15 wedding guests. We can plan an ideal wedding scenery for photo shooting and for exchanging your Wedding vows, while organizing a small Wedding buffet for the Wedding couple with the assistance of an experienced and specialized team of wedding planners / photographers and Greek Chefs.

Enjoy a memorable wedding on one of the best spots of the Caldera Cliff, having as your primary witnesses the Aegean Sea and one of the most Romantic Sunsets of the World.



Adamis Majesty Suites’ staff and management are always willing to help you organize your dream boat tour. You can choose from a classic volcano excursion, a sunset cruise with dinner on board, a semi private catamaran cruise to a luxury private sailing tour. Live the caldera experience and the sunset’s colors while sailing around the complex of Santorini! 

  • Local Excursions
  • Excursions around the Aegean islands.
  • The organization of alternative tourist activities.


Enjoy all the luxury and care offered by Adamis Majesty Suites to its honeymooners’ guests under the unique and breathtaking Panoramic scenery of the Caldera.
Rely on us to organize for you an unforgettable experience of romantic events, just for the 2 of you and start leaving your dream in this exquisite island of contradictions.

Romantic Honeymoon Experiences

  • Couples’ Massage Spa Experience.
  • Candelight dinner in the privacy of your suite , or in your balcony under the outstanding Sunset View.
  • Enjoy a photo shooting experience within our hotel scenery.
  • Let us organize for you an unforgettable Cruising Experience – 4day cruise, 5 day cruise, 7day cruise – around the most popular Aegean islands and famous Turkish destinations.
  • Dinner in one of our gourmet restaurants in our black sand beaches, specially organized for you.
  • Half Day/ Full Day excursion with private speed boat around the Caldera island formations with a picnic basket prepared by us.
  • Take advantage of the Honeymooners’ offer rate package, as described on the Special Offers / Rates.


Enjoy a gastronomical experience of Santorini’s most elegant, gourmet, fascinating restaurants and traditional taverns with memorable dishes, based on local ingredients and recipes executed by the unique talent of famous greek chefs, within their restaurant’s mystical atmosphere, infused with the divine aromas of exquisite local wines and the breathtaking endless view of Santorini scenery.

Santorini Cooking Lessons

Let us organize for you an adventure of flavors through cooking and tasting lessons by famous greek chefs, within the most popular gourmet restaurants of the island, where the experienced and talented master chefs will teach you the basics of greek cooking, the technique of bringing out the most intense flavors and then will encourage you to prepare with them different local recipes, like :

  • Fava with seafood and mastic soup.
  • Cold Tomato soup with cheese ice cream.
  • Lamp with white eggplant.
  • Melitinia ( traditional cheese dessert ) with tomato and caper spoon dessert.

Afterwards, you will of course enjoy these exquisite and tasteful dishes, accompanied by different local wines.


Choose your cruising experience with one of the best Cruise Lines of the world starting your journey right from our hotel for a 4day, 5day, or 7day cruising experience, which will cover all you would expect on board and ashore, visiting the most popular Aegean islands, famous Turkish destinations and having the opportunity to see the most interesting sights, monuments, castles, museums, churches, beaches, parks and alleyways with private guiding, while at the same time, relaxing and enjoying the advanced services of a cosmopolitan way of traveling.